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Nick's Little Thought Page

let your imagination flow

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welcome to my livejournal

Welcome to my livejournal! Thank you for stopping by! <3 I use my LJ to update about personal things, fandom related stuff and sometimes sales posts. I'm always happy to make new friends on LJ! Please do come on in and make yourself at home! <33

what do I like

Hi! I'm Nick! (^on the right!^)
(^-^*)/コンチャ! I love pink things, anything pink, cute frilly and sweet does it for me. My biggest fandoms are Supernatural, Kuroshitsuji and Pokemon, so I'll blog about those a lot! I also love Harry Potter and Junjo Romantica~ I'm a big fan of Lolita, Fairy Kei and Steampunk! I love fashion and like to dress in weird colourful clothes. I love to cosplay! I also adore boy love so avoid my blog if that sort of thing offends you!

where am I

These are the LJ comms I am most active at, you might know me from them! (:

pkmncollectors . Daily Lolita . Urban Explorers . Loli Goth UK

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